Mario’s “Marketing Question” and NEF Users

Started by J.D. McDowell, April 16, 2014, 01:52:01 AM

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J.D. McDowell

I started this as separate discussion as I think this is an issue, or opportunity, unto itself.

As most of us NEF Capture NX2 users are sadly aware, our venerable raw converter is not just being retired, it's soon to be taken out behind the shed and shot. This of course, has left many of us wondering what's next. Do we invest in new software, do we just make the shift to Camera raw and Photoshop? With that in mind I'd like to refer you to this on line conversation;

Here Jason Odell and Mike Hagen, two well know guys, have this very conversation; what software to migrate to, Aperture (editor with a database,) Capture One (editor with a database,) or Lightroom (Camera Raw with a database.)

The last one is the big one. Theses guys, like many many people, are Adobe users. Lightroom I'm sure, just seems like a natural. The only reason that is the general assumption is that they don't know that there is something better.

To me Lightroom is fine, but it's like the "point and shoot" of databases. What these guys don't know is that there is a databases program that's professional grade, like they are, and that is as deep as the portfolios they've spent their carriers creating. Since they'll still be using camera raw the results will be identical. Since the iMatch sidecar files are Adobe compliant there's not compatibility issues there either.

I think it's time to start putting the software in the hands of people like this and see honestly what they have to say. They may have some reservations or some constructive criticism. Tell them it's beta (which it is) but being released soon. It's something new for them to talk about, which is good. The next time they have a conversation like the one above, I think iMatch needs to be part of that conversation.

There are a lot of Nikon users who are all currently being forced to reexamine their work flow and realize that the time has come to make a change. Now is a great time to let the them know about this program.



thanks for the info. The problem is that there is so much going on at the moment, I cannot keep up. My primary focus is shipping IMatch 5, and there are so many things tied to that that I'm struggling. 60 unread emails alone to handle today.

I have not time right now to read photo-related web sites, the blog spehere or search for "multiplicators" who might be interested in IMatch and then spread the word. That's part of my plan after the initial shipment of IMatch 5, to get out word about IMatch 5.

I have no problem, however, if you or other IMatch 5 Beta testers talk about IMatch 5 in public now. It's almost finished and getting the word out will be a good thing. And, it's always better if a "user" talks about a software. If I contact these guys like "Hi, I'm Mario and I have this software which I would like you to see", how does this sound? I know that the marketing guys from Adobe spend their entire work day doing exactly that. But I spent my work day getting the next build read, the web site ready, the quick start guide ready, the help ready, the shop system ready, the marketing materials ready, the reviewer guide ready, emails processed, community postings processed, ...  :D

I can to many things in addition to programming. But even my days have only 48 hours. I know that marketing is important, but getting the software out is even more important. Else it's all talk and "vapourware"...

The Beta Teaser PDF is still on-line and gives a good impression of IMatch 5:

If you, or other testers, plan to contact somebody about IMatch 5, post info about it and whatnot, you can always give them my web site or email address. I answer emails within 24 h usually and if a potential multiplicator or somebody with a photo blog needs more info on IMatch 5, great.

-- Mario
IMatch Developer
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