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is it perhaps possible to provide the help file also in PDF and/or HTML format? Then it can be read on a tablet or ebook reader.

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This was asked before. Try searching this forum for "PDF".

The Help file is in .chm format. Several of us have had success using it with a dedicated CHM reader.

Android CHM eBook Reader (free) has worked well for me on an Android tablet. There are apparently a number of paid and free iPad/iPhone apps also, although I'm not familiar with any of them.

Hi Schmidtze,

there is also for example "Nitro PDF Reader"-Software.

1. Install Nitro PDF
2. Open the help (all or chapter you want as pdf).
3. Print (choose, what you want to print and folder)
4. Open (the result is not perfect, but I used it to "learn" some stuff.


thanks for your answers. Of course I know that the help file is in CHM format  ;) That's why I asked to provide it in another format. But you are right, there are actually CHM readers available for iPhone and iPad. Curiously I didn't expect this - so I didn't check it, excuse me please. I'm using ChmPlus Reader now and I am very hapy with it, on my mobile and on tablet.

Best regards


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