Tapatalk API for the SMF-Board

Started by RainerG, February 15, 2014, 01:16:09 AM

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Is it possible that you install the tapatalk API in der new iMatch5 SMForum software? Tapatalk is a great App to use an forum with my iPhone (or other people with androiden or winphones).



My general rule is to install as little plug-ins or extensions as possible. Every plug-in creates a another potential security risk and  may open the board for outside attacks.

1.  taptalk has a mile long license agreement I have to understand and sign:


2.  I have no idea or information about how secure this software is, if it extracts data from the browser or mobile phone of use outside of the purpose of this community (me communicating with you, IMatch users communicating with each other).

3.  I read statements in their license agreement for site owners like

QuoteSubject to this Section 5 and Section 12 of these Terms, we will pay you based on the number of valid clicks on advertisements or affiliate links displayed on the Service, or other valid events performed in connection with the display of advertisements or affiliate links displayed on the Service,

my impression is that Taptalk is just another front-end for advertisement networks, collecting data from their users (You!) to sell advertisements and the data collected to third parties.

I try to keep my web site and this community free from hidden trackers, advertisement networks and other instruments designed to track my users.
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