Author Topic: Proof of concept: Google Maps + Streetview  (Read 3022 times)


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Proof of concept: Google Maps + Streetview
« on: August 08, 2013, 03:48:04 PM »
I couldn't resist playing a little with Google Maps in the App panels.
Attached a very simple App, that only displays a Google Map (including Streetview)
It works without having to use a Key, but I assume sometime in the future you'll be asked to get one.
See this page for details.

How to install:
Simply extract the ZIP archive to a folder in the IMatch5 User App folder. In a standard installation (at least when using Windows 7) the base folder for User Apps is to be found under:
(thanks Thorsten  ;D)

It should be possible to create the Map Panel in the App panels using your own Key, so circumventing problems with Mario having to pay Google for our use of his Key.

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