Keeping File Window Parked On Index "X" After Assign Category

Started by Darius1968, January 02, 2014, 04:22:21 PM

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This is my current scenario:
I'm in Category View, the "@All" Category is active, and I'm using the filter panel to narrow the scope to images of dimensions of say, 1440x960.  This gives me something like 363 images.  I see an image with the index #56 that I want to assign to categor(y)/(ies), and I go ahead and make the assignments.  IMatch reacts to this by making the category assignments, which it should, but it afterwards, parks on the index #1 file (the first one) by highlighting that.  How can I prevent this 'relocating' effect? 


This issue has come up before. The repainting also happens when IM changes something while working in the background.
It gets so bad that it makes working impossible/impractical. I can imagine that fixing this is not a trivial issue so it will probably
get put on the back burner while other, critical bugs get fixed.
I have actually returned to using IM3 while I wait for this and other issues to be ironed out.