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Started by javiavid, January 10, 2024, 01:26:35 PM

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I think Event Story is very interesting to have a quick summary of the images you are seeing.
Now that there are new folder and category "events" I propose the following:

1 - Story panel. It could show information about the photos that are being displayed. It could work on Folders, Categories, Collections, Events and People.

2 - Default option to show people and place from the metadata (without having to configure it manually)

3 - Person filter from Story. Clicking on the faces would create a filter. Currently it can be done from the filter panel, but you have to open another panel and the selection is complicated. From here it would be much more intuitive. The idea is that activating it in filter or here is the same option.

4 - Map zoom adjusted to show all places - Currently it has a manual zoom, it could be adjusted to show contain all the places of the selected photos, if you do not select any they are all shown.

5 - Summary of places - I think that a configurable summary would be interesting to show, for example, all the cities where the photos have been taken. You could also generate a filter by clicking on them.