Unnecessary rows when using smart axis folding

Started by janb83, December 24, 2023, 09:39:50 AM

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When using smart axis folding, event boxes visually overlap when they need more horizontal visual space than the days they represent offer. This is OK, I understand it (although I do have a potential feature request about it for another day).

It seems though that the algorithm always adds a new row below the lowest existing one if there is overlap with the previous event. This initially makes sense, but if you have multiple events and each one overlaps with the previous one, this creates an unnecessary cascade. Potentially you create endless new rows, even though there is already space for the event on previous rows because earlier events in the cascade already ended. The algorithm should instead look for the first row from the top that is "free" on the needed start date and start a new cascade there.


That depends on the logic of the presentation. ex. one raw for one type of event