Harmonize "Assign Person" and "Link Persons" dialog

Started by thrinn, December 20, 2023, 05:07:41 PM

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Currently we have the "Assign Person" dialog, e.g. in the Viewer, and the "Link Persons" dialog. Both dialogs serve a similar purpose: assign a person either to a specific face or to the picture as a whole. But the "Assign Person" dialog looks much more modern and is also more user friendly than the "Link Persons" dialog. 
For example:
  • It is resizable. 
  • Filtering of the history list is more intuitive (in "Link Persons", you have to use a checkbox to decide what you want to filer).
  • The availabilty of shortcuts to quickly select one of the proposals makes for a much better workflow.

Therefore, I would like to have a redesigned "Link Persons" dialog which mimics the "Assign Person" dialog in look and functionality.
Win 10 / 64, IMatch 2018, IMA


The issue is that the Assign Person dialog is actually a dedicated app.
The Link Person feature uses a regular windows dialog box, like the rest of IMatch.

Implementing your request would require a substantial amount of work and I'm not sure that it would make things "work better".
Maybe some day.
-- Mario
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