IMA for reviewing/commenting pictures/documents?

Started by busbahnhof, July 18, 2023, 08:58:10 PM

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I am not sure if IMA is the right way to do it. I scanned hundreds of pictures and documents of our club which go back to the early 1980's. For some of them, I know whats on it. But there are quite some pictures I don't know which people are shown. Therefore I want to ask the old guys in the club to give their feedback.

In earlier days, I would have printed out tons of paper showing the pictures and when meeting the guys (located all over Germany), they would go through and comment.

But would it be possible to do that in IMA, having the DB on my webspace at all-inkl and selected members get access to it and write comments next to the pictures/documents? Without having a computer running at home all the time?


IMatch Anywhere can do that, in theory.
Users can log in, view images, add title, description, keywords, categories etc.


a) IMatch Anywhere needs a Windows computer to run. ALL-INKL offers Linux boxes only, when I'm correct.
b) IMatch Anywhere is designed for home networks and local networks in companies.
Is not recommended or suited for direct access from the Internet. It is not a hardened web server.
At least a hardened reverse-proxy is required or you limit access to the IMA server to VPN only.

The Internet is a bad place and if you open a Windows computer to the Internet (to allow access to IMatch Anywhere) the PC will be bombarded by bots in no time, and it may only take minutes to get the system compromised and become part of a bot net or worse.

This is only for pros. If reverse proxy or VPN are not very familiar to you, I recommend considering one of the many image web sites or a Facebook group where you post the photos and users can comment. And you use the comments to fill in missing metadata in IMatch.
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OK, many thanks for the quick response.