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Started by stefanjan2, May 22, 2024, 12:50:43 PM

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When using image batch processor it would be useful to be able to add a keyword to the source file.

This would allow users to keep track of which source files have been used to export images.

As an example, I export reduced size Jpegs to a folder which synchronises with Synology Photos. I'd like to be able to use categories to colour code and identify which source files are synced. Checking "Clean Output Folder" means I easily update and change the photos displayed in Synology Photos.

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This has been solved for IMatch 2024/2025.
The Batch Processor now supports something called Actions.

An Action is either a command line operation (similar to External Tool Favorites) or it runs a Favorite.
Actions can be run before the Batch Processor processes files and after the Batch Processor has competed processing files.

Actions are an advanced feature, but can help solve tricky problems, e.g. using external tools to further process or upload the results of the Batch Processor.

Or, in your case, you would setup a Metadata Template that adds the keyword.
Then run this favorite in the post action of your Batch Processor preset to add the keyword to all source files.
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