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Started by Aubrey, September 25, 2023, 03:42:20 PM

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We can now define the relative width of each element in the header and footer in latest update - a most useful addition for me.

If I make an element 100% (e.g. footer 1 left 100%, footer 1 right 0%) is it possible to have footer 1 left wrap  (I know I can make each thumbnail bigger) but for a given thumbnail size wrap would be useful.


TBH I'm a bit embarrassed to ask - it's as if users are never satisfied.


Sure. You need to specify a Size to make enough room for the text to wrap.
This works for all widths, of course.

Here is a footer with a 100% width (left) and a Size of 100:


If there is no content in the left/right column, IMatch always uses the full width.
If there is content in the right column and you use a 50/50 setting, you need to set a higher Size or the content in the left column will be clipped if it does not fit:

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