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Started by ben, September 22, 2023, 01:44:43 PM

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Wrong plausibility check inside the window "edit data-driven category".
The message "you can only enable this level after selecting a valid metadata tag" is shown, even if the tag is correct.

this doesn't work:
  • create new category
  • paste a category name from the clipboard to field "tag", e.g.\1510\cameraname\0
  • change enabled from no-> yes
  • the above message is shown

this works:
  • same steps, but don't paste the category from the clipboard but select it from the tag selector



The validation is only triggered when you insert the tag via the official Tag Selector.
It needs the unique ID of the tag, the tag key is only for you.
I have not implemented parsing manual text input or parsing data from the clipboard, and all the error handling and messaging this would involve.

The edit field should be read-only, but that is not possible when there is als o ... button.
Maybe I'll add free text parsing in a future version.
-- Mario
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Thats alright, since it's probably not used often.
I fell for it a few times and i didn't know whats wrong, because visually it looks identical.