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Started by Carbo69, June 25, 2023, 03:55:38 PM

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I'm looking for a way to quickly see what categories are used in a specific view. For example in the timeline view, which places I went during a specific year.

I think the filter view can be the best for my need. Currently it already indicates the number of files for each category and there s also a "show only categories in scope".
My problem is that this option switch to a list style which is not helpful when you have hundred of matching categories.

What would be great is a filter of non matching categories (the ones with 0/0) in the tree view. This display would be very powerful to browse a collection.

Hope other people will see the interest of that ;)



The Categories Panel shows all categories for all currently selected files in the File Window.
Click on the Current tab. Depending on your needs, enable keywords and data-driven categories.,

See The Current Tab and the File Categories Panel
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I knew already the current tab but it's not very useful for my need.

To give a more concrete example: I would like an easy way to see all the places I went for a given year (or month...)If I follow your advice, I go to timeline view, select the year and then select all files.
I attached what the current tab displays

so yeah the data is displayed but not in a very user friendly way ;)A first step would be to have this tab in a tree display but I think the feature request I propose (filter the tree list from the category filter) would be much more powerful.
First it wont need to select all files. And then it would allow to further narrow my search by adding category.

As Imatch already show the corresponding number of file, I would guess it s not impossible to filter the tree :p


Did you also have a look at the Category Dashboard? It also displays the categories of the currently selected file(s), but in a different way.
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Actually, Guillaume, I too have submitted this very same feature request myself, and hence, I am endorsing yours.