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Started by David Werier, June 24, 2023, 12:43:16 AM

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David Werier

When I am in the viewer, sometimes I am comparing files, two at a time. If I delete or reject one of the files in a pair I would like to be able to hide that file so that I can then compare the file that was not deleted or rejected with the next in line. But that file remains visible and in the queue so I can't see the one I did not delete or reject adjacent to the next file in line.

Can you add a preference that if a file is marked with the DEL key or rejected in the viewer (no need for both, one or the other would be fine) that the file is hidden.

I realize that there may still be need to access the hidden file. Perhaps the file would not be hidden in the film strip and the film strip could be used if one wanted to get access to that image again. Or perhaps some key could toggle the status (hidden or not).


You can Ctrl+click individual files in the film strip to compare them side-by-side: Selecting Files in the Film Strip Panel
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