Add Persons Sort Options

Started by jch2103, June 20, 2023, 10:17:36 PM

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Currently persons are sorted by their label. It would be useful to be able to use additional sort options. For example, an option to sort within Families manually (custom sort) by parents and then children by age, or via age, etc. In Groups, some may want to sort a sports team by position or other special characteristics (e.g., using keywords or categories for these).  


I support a feature for more flexible sorting options. I think I actually asked for being able to sort for last / first name when the people feature came out. Unfortunately, there is no last and first name in the record. My tags were all first last name, that's not great for sorting people. I already had too many people defined when the feature came out and didn't want to change everything.

As a note, you can define a different sort order using the sort by field in the person record. That's what I do to get my last - first name sort order. I also have family first and then other people. It's fixed and not very flexible.
If you only have a limited number of people you can just change the fields person by person. I have about 900 person and manually updating the sort field or anything for what it matters is hard with the current people manager when you have to open and close every record. Even a button next/previous person would help out a lot.

With 2023 I was able to redo the fields for all my ~ 900 persons fairly easy. There was a probably little noticed change with 2023. Records for existing persons are now updated when importing a json file. It took me a while to set it up, now I can change the sort order for all people in minutes.

Thank you for that change Mario! That alone was worth the upgrade fee. The other license goes toward the autofill and family/group option!