Rotate canvas in batch processor to match orientation

Started by stahl, May 28, 2023, 02:04:11 PM

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I would love to be able to have the batch processor rotate the canvas according to the orientation of the individual images.

I am trying to output images, say, in 2080 x 1558 px to meet a given resolution of my printer. I would like to have canvas around the actual photo so I can put some data there. Unfortunately, though, at the moment the canvas stays in landscape even if the image is in portrait.

The option to rotate the canvas when using "width and hight" or "margins" would be brilliant.


Does the Match Image Orientation option not work?
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The Match Image Orientation option seems to be only active on the bitmap fill of the canvas, not on the canvas' dimensions themselves.


Just to be clear that I understand correctly:

I assume you enter a fixed width of 2080 and height of 1558 pixels for the canvas.
And then batch convert a mix of portrait and landscape images in one call.
And now want a feature that flips the width/height of the canvas when the image is portrait, assuming that the default dimensions of the canvas are for landscape images.

Why not just create two BP presets, one for portrait and one for landscape images?
This gives you detailed control, including how the background fill works etc.
And create Favorites for them for quick access.

You can use the Orientation & Dimension filter in the Filter Panel to filter for orientation or create a sort profile which sorts by orientation first to group the files in the File Window. Select the files in one orientation and click the favorite.
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I use also, like Mario pointed out, different presets for different images, including landscape/portrait.
It is also different, often, how big the font is, for landscape and portrait images.

Hence I simply add several, finetuned presets.
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


Yes Mario, that's exactly my idea.
And Mario and sinus, working with two presets is exactly what I do now, one for portrait and one for landscape.
I just thought it would be more convenient to just have it in one go.

In addition, if you'd add the option to set the width of the border, the size of the canvas and the font size also in percentage of the image's shorter side, not just in absolute pixels, one could use the same preset for any orientation and resolution. Also, all output images would have a uniform look, no matter if in VGA or A0, landscape or portrait.

Actually, in the old days of IMatch 3.x, I had written this script that would exactly do this and I thought it was a quite nice user experience.