Off-line files: Time Wiz working from App Manager but greyed-out under Tools

Started by axel.hennig, May 25, 2023, 02:49:39 PM

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When selecting a file which is off-line I'm able to start the app "Time Wiz" from the App Manager, but I can't start it from "Tools > TimeWiz: Change date and time in files...". There it is greyed-out.

BTW: In the App Manager the app is called "Time Wiz" (with a space) and unter Tools it is called "TimeWiz" (without space).


The App Manager just starts displays available apps and allows the user to start them.
It has no idea about what an app does, what it needs or if it can run under certain conditions.

The TimeWiz command should not check for the off-line status of files. TimeWiz stores changes only in the database, so it works whether or not the files are online. I will change that. Thanks.

The title of apps and menu command names are part of the localization of IMatch. For example, in Portugal the name is Tempo Mágico, which sounds very cool.
I agree that the name used in the command and the app title should be identical, if possible. I will look into this for the English and German translations.
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