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Started by sinus, May 30, 2023, 12:26:04 PM

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Mario has published the full release notes for the upcoming IMatch 2023 release:,13225.0.html

I do still read  :) ... an impressive new release will come. 
One note I will like for sure: a new sortprofile, what does enable random sort order, thanks for that, Mario.
This will give us more possibilities to play. 
At the moment I do lern some numbers with it's icon (image) with the goal to lern longer numbers better (memorizing). 

For this I have numbers from 1 to 100 and some above like 200, 300, 333 ...
Although the slideshow has already a random order, this will be cool for the File Window and Design & Print.

Following is a short (about 1 minute) video, what shows, what I do now with the actual version. 
A random sort order in the slideshows works great, but I wanted to have first only the number for 2 or three numbers, that I could remember hopefully the icon, and then the show would display the answer. 

That is why I have 2 images for each number. In the first only the number and in the second the solution. 
Therefore the random possibility would not help, because it would do split the two images. 

Hence I took a metadata-tag, and added in this tag the same number for this two images. To be sure, that always the number is displayed first, I added at the end a sign, like this:
Of course the real number 89 had for example the sort-number 13 and 13-a.

Then I created a custom sort-profile, with the tag at first (in my case headline), and then the File Window and hence the Slideshow did display the images in the wished order. 

Although in this special case, where two images must be alway together, the new variable will not help (I think), this new random-variable will be very good for me, I am sure.  :)
Here the link for the clip, it is finally nothing special, really not, shows only the file window with default sorting, then custom and some slides in the slideshow. 
No music, nothing special, but you will get the idea.
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)