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Started by hamishr, March 30, 2023, 10:56:43 AM

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It would be useful to hyperlink one or more words within a category entry, which would take you to other category entries (I am not interested in hyperlinking outside of Categories but maybe there is a case for that as well). In my case, I use Categories for genealogical information and when making an entry for a marriage, I want to hyperlink to the wife's birth name, which can be found as an entry in her birth family.


I don't understand, sorry.
What is a category entry? Name? Description? Something else?

It is always helpful to include an example. A screen shot.
We don't see what you see and we don't know how you organize your categories, how you name them etc.
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Sorry, I did mention an example but didn't specify. My request applies to the name field but could be applied to Description as well. Here's a genealogical entry (each row displaying the name field for that entry):

   B 1920-06-12 Peter Jones (D 1977-02-18)
    M 1956-00-00 Mary Jones (born Murray, formerly McKenzie)
   B 1874-00-00 James Murray (D 1972-00-00)
    M ....
     B 1921-06-16 Mary Jones (born Murray, formerly McKenzie) (D 2003-03-02)

  B ....
   M 1950-00-00 Mary McKenzie (born Murray, later Jones) (divorced)

I would like to be able to go between the different entries for Mary (she belonged to 3 different families). The words italicized are the ones I want to hyperlink. So, Murray would link to the entry for Mary  under the family Murray.

Hyperlinking in this way is just an alternative way of navigating within Categories. It is essentially a cross-referencing mechanism.