How To Separate Multi-Value Tags In The Variable Filter Panel

Started by Darius1968, January 26, 2023, 06:51:53 AM

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As, can be seen in my screenshot: 
I tried these two lines...
  • {File.Categories.Direct|replace:~;==<LineBreak/>}
  • {File.Categories.Direct|replace:~;=={cr}{lf}} hopes that I would have separate entries for each individual category to which these three image files are assigned. 

What am I doing wrong here, and how do I correct the fault. 



This will not work. <LineBreak/> is a formatting tag for XAML output. You use it when you want to do a hard line break when you render XAML e.g. in a File Window or in Design & Print.

The Variable Filter just takes your variable, evaluates it for each file in the current scope, and produces a list of unique values you can then choose from for filtering.

All your variable does is to format the list of variables returned by your variable differently. It will not somehow transform it into individual category names. When you add line breaks or tabs or whatever, this will still produce only one result per file. You cannot produce multiple results (e.g., a list of category names) using this approach.

I recommend to use the Category Filter to filter for categories. The Variable filer only exists to solve some rare and tricky filter problems.
-- Mario
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