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Started by Jingo, May 02, 2023, 04:34:27 PM

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Hi All... from a recent thread, there was a discussion about being able to view the front and back of a photo and using multipage TIFF files as an option.  Since IMatch currently does not have the ability to show multipage TIFF files, I wrote this quick APP to handle them. 
It is a very raw app - if the focused image is a multipage TIFF file, it will display all the pages in a scrolling fashion.  If the image is not a multipage TIFF file, then the app window is cleared.
Not guaranteed to work with all TIFF files and the size of the TIFF's have been reasonable for it to work - minimal testing has been done so please use with caution! 
The all important APP ICON  :-)


Multipage TIFF file showing in the browser APP window:


Multipage TIFF file showing in the IMatch APP window (notice the scrollbars to show more pages):


As usual - just unzip the attached file into your: C:\ProgramData\\imatch6\webroot\user folder and IM will add it to the App Manager.   

ENJOY! - Andy.


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Thanks also, Andy. 
I do not use tiffs with several pages, and overall I use tiffs quite seldom. 
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


Yes.. this is certainly an "exotic" and not really all that useful - as Mario states in the original thread, PDF files are much more useful and if you are going to create multi-page files, might as well just combine the graphic files into PDF's. 

However - you know I love stretching my programming wings and figured it had been a few years since I made an APP within Imatch..  so... another addition to my toolbox of useless apps but it was FUN to create!   8)


My concern with multipage tiffs (or other images with embedded images) is that one can not (I assume) see
that the image contains such. (I have a category Contains Embedded Image to at least have some way of knowing -
but this requires actively looking for it.


The code I use "counts" the number of files in the "directory" to look for multiple pages in the TIFF file.  As mentioned in the original thread, PDF's show you the page count and versioning is a better method overall.  Consider this App an experiment!