Renamer Project Code "Usage Instructions" no longer available in dialog box

Started by Ron_S, January 15, 2023, 09:58:35 PM

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Hi Mario

In the past when I added or edited a Project Code step in the Renamer, there was an option to include Usage Instructions in a text box.  See Picture 1.

Now when I edit an existing Project Code step I can see the Usage Instructions that I wrote when the Project Code step was originally created, but I cannot edit the Usage Instructions.  See Picture 2.

And when I create a new Project Code step there is no text box in the dialog for writing Usage Instructions.  See Picture 3.

Can you restore this functionality? 





As outlined in my initial reply, this was a side-effect of fixing the issue in the mentioned topic.
The change was introduced in August 2022.

I have now changed this back to the original implementation but disabled the Variable Selector button for project code / user input steps.