What about copyrights nowadays?

Started by sinus, February 14, 2023, 09:15:24 AM

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Although I am a photographer and have often been confronted with copyright issues in the past, I am currently not up to date. More precisely, I don't know very much about how things work today.
Do any of you know more and could say something about it here?

I have attached a picture (Fatima) of which the original was probably taken in 1917, but I don't know who the photographer is and the copyright expires at some point. As far as I know, you are allowed to use such pictures.
Could I now as an example create a video with such images? 

In clips, videos, shorts, etc., a lot of photos and music are used today. I think copyright is often infringed.

I know that there are certainly websites that explain exactly what is allowed and what is not. But often it's country-specific. What if I'm in America and I put a photo from a European website into a video and vice versa?

I think that's a huge field, I'm just interested in what some of you think and how you even do it or not.

I'm sure it's a chatty question, but that's what this off-topic forum is for.  ;D

Thank you for all your thoughts.
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


In Deutschland gilt die 50 Jahre (Lichtbild) und 70 Jahre (Lichtbildwerkregel). Wenn es international wird, wird es noch schwieriger, insbesondere bei kommerzieller Nutzung. Einen ganz guten Überblick für den Start gibt es z.B. auf https://www.ra-plutte.de/urheberrecht-fotorecht-alles-wichtige/ oder aus der Schweiz https://www.ige.ch/de/etwas-schuetzen/urheberrecht/ein-werk-nutzen/fotografienschutz

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Hallo, Markus,
wie Mario schon schrieb - schwieriges Thema, besonders sobald es kommerziell wird!

Quote from: sinus on February 14, 2023, 09:15:24 AM[...]
Could I now as an example create a video with such images?

Letztendlich kommt es immer auf die Art der Veröffentlichung an.
Auf der sicheren Seite bist Du eigentlich nur bei privater Wiedergabe oder Vorführung, solange kein Geld genommen wird. Vor einer öffentlichen Aufführung sollte man sich besser intensiv mit dem Thema Urheberrecht befassen, um keine bösen Überraschungen zu erleben ...



Thanks, Mario and Bernhard

I will check your links, Mario.
At least I have the feeling, that today many, many photos, and also videos or excerpts of them are stolen. Not only on the "normal" internet, but also on social media like WhatsApp or Telegram.

But what do you do if someone from Australia puts some photos in your own video? It doesn't have to be Australia, even France or Finland or whatever country, then it is difficult, time-consuming and costly for a self-employed photographer to fight back.

I mean, conversely, it's probably less "dangerous" for me to steal a photo from a small company than from a big one. Just a screenshot from Getty Images or Adobe would probably immediately trigger a horde of lawyers ... But what would a "poor" individual photographer from Mellcreek US do if he saw someone from Spain using his photo?

I come to this topic because lately I often visit different websites and watch videos on different topics and sometimes I see that photos and videos or even music, often simply excerpts, are taken from the most diverse sources. And I always assume that this is in principle a violation of copyright.

But as they say ... where there is no plaintiff ...

Thank you for your postings, I'll try to get to grips with the matter a little better. In today's digital world, it is easier than ever to obtain an image for something, whether it is legal or not.
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


Mario, I did not change somehting in my user account.
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Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


Quote from: sinus on February 15, 2023, 08:13:06 AMWhat I have also spotted, if I do reply as a quote (what I did often in the last years), I can not add attachements. There is then simply no possibility. 
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