openResultWindow returns 500 error, previously worked

Started by ubacher, December 11, 2022, 08:15:39 PM

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For a while now some of my apps which open result windows do not work any longer.
The network error shown is 500.
Q1: Have I missed a change notice?
Q2: How can I find the cause of the 500 error.

At one instance I actually have a catch(error)
and this shows - among other stuff):
responseText: "{\r\n \"error\":{\r\n \"code\":5200,\r\n \"message\":\"Failed to create or open result window.\"\r\n }\r\n}"
For 5200 the documentation says: Failed to open a result window. IMatch may be in the wrong state to open a result window.

I need help to resolve this and get my apps displaying result windows again.


500 is "internal error". Something went badly wrong.
Switch IMatch to debug logging (Help menu > Support > Debug logging) and re-run your app.
Then check for E> errors or W> warnings.

This is a rather rare error that is returned when IMatch failed to open a result window. May be a resource shortage, an invalid result produced by your code or something alike...
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The logfile in debug logging did not show any errors/warnings.

The problem disappeared after I closed Imatch (after many days!) and reopened it.