Reverse Geocoding (GeoNames) - enhancement

Started by axel.hennig, December 07, 2022, 10:42:24 PM

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Currently the "Processing of Nearby Files" (Apply changes to selected files within a radius of) only works if you do not change any of the fields after clicking the "Lookup" button.

I suggest to enhance this feature so that you can lookup one file, change something (e.g. Location from "Abc" to "Def") and the new location (Def) is applied to all files within the specified radius (currently only the first file gets "Def", all others within the radius get "Abc").


This could be useful. I frequently find myself in a situation where I reverse geocode a set of images in one general location (e.g. a zoo), where the Location portion in the lookup yields various street addresses. That's fine in many situations, but in a situation like a zoo I find myself updating metadata in a group of images I've just reverse geocoded, to change Location to 'XX Zoo'. That adds extra steps to the metadata management workflow. 

Something like a field-level override button would be useful that would apply an overwritten value to all images in the set. 

Mees Dekker



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