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Started by Rene Toepfer, December 02, 2022, 07:50:26 AM

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Rene Toepfer

I run several databases within IM. Some settings are per-Db and others general. It would be very helpfully to have a possibility to export per-Db and general settings. Of course an import of these settings should also be possible.


Database settings are, as their name implies, database-specific. They cannot be exported and imported into another database. Database settings refer to database-specific objects, ids and other things which cannot be transplanted into other databases. Or at least not without a lot of effort. And several weeks of development time for me.

You can export categories, attributes, the thesaurus, file window and metadata panel layouts. That should suffice.

Keep in mind that only a very small number of users uses more than one database.
Since IMatch does not have the per-database limits of many other DAMs, the extra effort and overhead of working with multiple databases is just not necessary.
-- Mario
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