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Started by harrylah, September 25, 2022, 11:29:00 PM

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So I have selected my 200 favourite images from my last Iceland holiday and I'd like to present them to my friends. IMatch offers the slideshow for this and I do appreciate the mechanism that the slide show window may be put to a different screen.
Now, what does not work for me is a soft crossfade if I manually forward to the next frame. Just the automatic flip goes smooth, my manual <right> looks quite harsh.
Any chance to enable the transition effects from Bearbeiten-Einstellungen-Bilderschau for manual fowards/rewinds?



The general idea is that when the user actively intervenes with the slide show, he does so to navigate quickly to another slide. This is why transitions are not played in this situation.

When I would change that to play a transition, users would complain. Because this is exactly what they don't want - IMatch forcing them to wait for 2 seconds after each scroll to play the transition before moving to the next slide.

This change would either require yet another option (and IMatch has too many options already) or a Shift/Ctrl/Alt scroll 'mode' to manually navigate while playing the transition. Or something like that.

Since you are the first users (as I recall) that reports this as something that needs to change, I recommend you add a feature request in the feature request board. Other users can see it and like it, to give it importance.

I will have a look to, maybe there is an easy solution that will do the trick. Maybe Alt+wheel or something...
But transitions are complex, require preloading images in order to setup the DirectX pipeline etc. This all works when the user lets the slide show play, but manually interfering by scrolling and playing transitions at the same time will be complex...


Hm. While I respect your opinion, I tend to have another. When I quickly need to flip through my images, I do so in the viewer ("Enter"). For more presentation like scenarios, there - to my understanding - is the other presentation module ("Ctrl-F12", not sure what it's called in English).
I only ask for the transition effects to be apllied to the latter, just leave the viewer untouched.
If you still propose to issue a feature request, I'll gladly do so. For the time being I'd need to help myself with other software such as xnview or IrfanView who will utilize the transition effect also upon manual image flipping in presentation mode. Not my preferred mode though.


I have looked into this and this will require substantial work. The flow of the slide show makes it predictable which images come next, which allows to prepare and transform the images for the blend effects on the GPU.
Allowing the user to navigate to random slides while keeping the transitions working will be doable but also require quite some changes in how the slide show works, how it prefetches images, how it does transitions etc.

Since the slide show is one of the least used features in IMatch according to telemetry, I won't put any additional effort into this unless a sufficient number of users considers this to be something they want. The slide show feature is basically unchanged since IMatch 5 back in the day. As always, if enough users +1 the request, I will happily look into it.

Please file a feature request in the official board so we can learn how many users would like to have this.

As you said, there are plenty other slide show tools around you can use if you are not satisfied with how IMatch implements manual navigation in the slide show in combination with transitions.