Assigning 2 or more keywords at once or one at a time

Started by JohnZeman, September 18, 2022, 08:18:07 PM

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Years ago way back when I first start using IMatch version 3 was out, and I got into the habit of assigning categories using favorites.  Years later as I phased out many regular categories in favor of Keywords\@Keyword Categories I continued the practice of assigning @Keyword categories\keywords using favorites buttons.  And it worked.

Now I'm exploring the idea of assigning keywords using the Keywords panel and everything is working but I haven't been able to figure out one thing even though I've read and reread the help topics.  What can I say?  I can be pretty dense at times.

I've read the help pages on keyword synonyms and links but something just isn't sinking through my 95% solid bone skull here.

Anyway I have these 2 keywords I'm working with.

Special Processing|Nik Collection Tools|Color Efex Pro
Special Processing|Nik Collection Tools|Silver Efex Pro

I can assign each keyword by clicking each one in the keywords favorites panel.

But is there a way I can continue doing that and yet sometimes assign both keywords by just clicking on one thing in the keywords favorites panel?

I hope I've explained this so others can understand I keep confusing myself just typing it out.


I suggest to create a separate keyword with links to Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro in you Thesaurus. Let's call it Both Efex Pro. Define Both Efex Pro as a Group Level (I will explain later, why). As soon as you click on this keyword in the keyword panel, the two keywords Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro are added to your file. Both Efex Pro will not be added as long it is defined as Group Level. It works very similar as a Category Splasher for regular IMatch categories. A keyword splasher, so to say.

  • You can put Both Efex Pro anywhere in your keyword tree. It can be a child of Special Processing|Nik Collection Tools, but it can alos sit anywhere else in your keyword hierarchy. For example, I have a special top level keyword called ABK (German shortcut for Abk├╝rzung = Shortcut). Its children are all group level keywords which are only used to assign a tuple of linked keywords each.
  • I suggest the way above because you want to be able to remove one of the keywords (Color or Silver) separately. If you would use synonyms instead, unassigning one keyword would also unassign the other one (synonyms are handeled together). I think this is not what you want.
  • Defining Both Efex Pro as Group Level just makes sure that this "keyword splasher" itself is not added to you files.

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Win 10 / 64, IMatch 2018, IMA


Thank you Thorsten, that's exactly what I was looking for!

It took me a little while to figure out just how to assign the keywords I want (both, color, or silver) in the keywords panel but I see I can do it in the Hierarchal Thesaurus.


Or just use a Category Favorite which has the two keywords (via the @Keywords category).
Category Favorites can assign any number of categories (and @Keywords).
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