Author Topic: How to protect preset in image batch processor from keeping temporary changes?  (Read 148 times)


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Often I need to make one or two changes (target directory, overlay, etc.) in an existing preset before executing it.

These changes are usually a one-time need and only affect a small part of what the preset does, so I do not want to keep the changes afterwards.

The presets now keep any changes I make. This means I have to check every element in my presets before use, instead of being able to rely on a consistent starting point every time I select one.

How can I protect a preset, so that any changes (not purposely saved) which I make during a session are discarded when I am done with them?

One way would be to copy the preset before working with it, and then delete the copy when done... Is there a more efficient way, or a simple setting for this which I have not found?

Thank you :)


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There is no "forget changes I made to this preset" option for Batch Processor presets, sorry.

If you run into this kind of problem often, maybe check if you can use global variables to make your Batch Processor presets more flexible?
Many things in Batch Processor presets use variables, and including a global variable a change in one spot can impact many Batch Processor presets at once.

In general, the make a copy then discard you mention is the way to go when you don't want to keep changes you make to a Batch Processor preset.

Feel free to open a feature request in the feature request board so we can see if and how many other users also have this particular workflow problem.
If this affects a considerable number of users, I will look into this. A "revert changes" should be doable.
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I have been caught by this many times.
Maybe a make a temporary copy option would be the way to go.
Of course a Revert/Persist settings button would also do.
Please do open a feature request in the feature request board. I will be the first to +1 it.


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Please do open a feature request in the feature request board. I will be the first to +1 it.

Then I will be the second.
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Oh, am late.
Would be third then  ;)

But the Feature request should be for all presets, e.g. renamer as well


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