File Window Tip (Applied on a per folder/category basis)

Started by Darius1968, July 18, 2022, 03:40:20 PM

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As it is now, the FWT parameters can change for each file format, which makes for flexibility in file management. 
However, I've recently discovered that my needs for information display about a particular file can vary according to what exactly I'm using it for: 

For example, I have PNG image files that are photographs, and therefore, among the information I want in my FWT are keywords, camera make/model, person-in-image, etc.  But, I also have other PNG images that are merely stills I've made from my various movies and/or recordings I've made from TV shows.  For these, the information I want in my FWT is different from what I want from my photos. 

So, with the above in mind, it would be nice if I could have the possibility to apply different FWTs to files of the same type with respect to the folder/category they reside in, or simply by some other key-data that they have in common.