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Started by pmcabinet, July 16, 2022, 06:58:00 PM

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Sometimes I edit/add text to an image on my phone, which gives a different Date Subject Created time from the original image. In iMatch I can change the time to match of course, but iMatch leaves the image in the (often remote) position in which it was added to the database - whereas I want the edited image placed next to the original.

Dragging doesn't seem to work. I can get the files in the revised time order by selecting 'image info' in the file layout window, but then I lose the description - an essential view for me. Similarly, 'Headline, Decription and Keywords' takes up too much real estate and leaves a tiny thumbnail.

So how do I reposition the thumbnail in the (default) folder view?


Ignore the above! iMatch has updated itself to show the files in (changed) time order. But it would be interesting to know if the folder window can be arranged manually, as it were?


What do you mean by folder view?
How do you change the date and time? Metadata Panel? TimeWiz app, ...?

Click into the File Window and press <F5> to reload it. Whatever sort profile is selected will be applied.
IMatch orders the files in the File Window based on the sort profile you use: Sort Profiles

You can only manually reorder files in File Windows when you switch to the custom sort profile: Custom (Manual) Sort Orders
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