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Started by tjongewaard, July 14, 2022, 04:15:44 PM

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I want to search the database for specific filenames. until now i have not succeeded. can anyon tell how to do that

gr. tineke


Just use the File Window Search Bar.

1. Make sure File Name is ticked in What to Search.
2. The Search Bar searches the current scope (whatever is currently loaded in the File Window: a folder, a category, an event, ...). This allows you to control easily where you search (Where to Search: Scope or Database).

If you want to search the entire database, select the Database node in the Media & Folders View to make the whole database the current scope.
Alternatively, enable the database-wide search button (Database-wide Search) next to the search bar. This searches the entire database and presents the results in a new Result Window.

Tip: Make sure the option to search using regular expressions is off (default). Unless you want to search using regular expressions.

-- Mario
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I cannot get it working.

I have loaded a DVD in the database. I open the DVD and I see the pictures of the DVD in the file window.
Media and folders is checked.
Before the X is says : search the file window
I put a part of the file name in the "search the file window" box
Next to the X I can't choose filename.
so no result.

Can I search for a part of the file name?
Does the media have to be on-line for the search? 

why does it not work.


QuoteNext to the X I can't choose filename.

Please disable the the search everywhere in metadata option in the menu again.
When you enable it, all metadata will be searched and you cannot enable individual elements in the menu.
But, when search everywhere is on, the file name is searched automatically, so you should get results...

This usually just works.

Need to see your search menu and your search term and some of the file names you expect to find.
-- Mario
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