What is the IPTC equivalent for XMP fields?

Started by LRAT, July 13, 2022, 08:45:48 AM

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I use two software programs in my workflow: PhoteMechanic 6+ and iMatch.
Normally I add metadata in PM6+ but have discovered that not all metadata shows up in iMatch.
I am now working on streamlining this process. I have already spent so much time on this and I'm none the wiser.

I want to reduce the amount of metadata to the bare minimum. This is what I want to end up with:
Date and time picture taken
Headline (Title)
Persons shown (Persons as discovered by the face recognition software in iMatch)

World region

Copyright notice
Contact email

This is all I need and I would like to see the same metadata appearing in both PM6+ and iMatch.

in iMatch I would like to create a customized metadata template which only shows the fields as listed above.
However, there are so many options and I've got no idea which one is the same in in IPTC or XMP (Or vice-versa)
I've got a couple of test pictures and I figured that some information is the same in PM6+ and iMatch but others are completely missing or are kind of grouped together.

Can somebody out there give me some pointers how to achieve this?
Thank you very much in advance!



When you say IPTC, do you mean legacy (IIM3) IPTC or the IPTC metadata that is part of XMP (IPTCCore and IPTCExt)? I assume the later.

QuoteNormally I add metadata in PM6+ but have discovered that not all metadata shows up in iMatch.

This sounds unlikely. Unless PM stores some of the data you enter in it's internal database or hides it away in a custom XMP namespace.

1. If you switch the Metadata Panel to the IPTC Metadata layout, you see all frequently used IPTC tags. The IPTC All layout shows all IPTC tags.
2. If you switch the Metadata Panel to the Browser layout, you see all metadata IMatch has imported from your files.

Tip: You could just copy one of these layouts to a new name, and then remove the tags you don't want.

You can right-click a row header to copy the tag name in variable format into the clipboard.

For example, when I right-click on "Persons in Image", I get this: {File.MD.XMP::iptcExt\PersonInImage\PersonInImage\0}

The blue part is the name of the tag you would add to your custom File Window layout (Metadata Panel Layouts).
XMP::iptcExt is the group, PersonInImage is the tag name. See Tags and Groups

To add new tags to your custom layout. open the tag selector via the + button.
In the Standard tab you'll find all frequently used tags, like author, headline, title, create date, date subject created, hierarchical keywords etc.
Most of what you have listed in your post contained in this standard tag list. You can just pick the tags from there.

If the tag you are looking for is not listed, switch to the Search all tags tab in the tag selector:

Note: There are at least two proprietary namespaces in XMP for PhotoMechanic. IMatch by default does not import them, but you can enable them in the The Tag Manager if you want to see this proprietary data in IMatch.


Thank you very much Mario!
There's a lot to go through but your pointers will help me a lot.
I really appreciate your prompt response and great suggestions. Thank you very much!



That's what this community is for.

Creating custom Metadata Panel Layouts is somewhat of an advanced task, because it requires some know-how about how IMatch makes the over 15,000 metadata fields it supports accessible (groups and tags within these groups). And then, which of the hundreds of IPTC tags you want to show in the Metadata Panel.

Using my tips it will be fairly easy to find out what PM stores where, and then you only need to add these tags into your custom layout.
Or just clone the "IPTC" or "IPTC All" layouts and remove the tags you don't want to display.


Thanks for the suggestions!
Finally, I managed to create a metadata template that has identical entries for both PhotoMechanic 6+ and Photools iMatch.
The best suggestion I received on the PM-forum was to download a simple picture from the IPTC-group. In this picture every bit of IPTC-metadata has been completed and has identification of the fields that are shown.
You can download the test-picture here:

And here's the link of my query on the PM-forum website:

(Mario, I hope you don't mind me publishing this. In case you do then just redact the link)

I just put the picture in my pictures folder and opened it with both programs. This made it very easy to cross-reference which field is used in each application.
The "Browser"-metadata template showed me exactly where the data was stored.

I thought to forward this suggestion to the iMatch forum in case other iMatch users experience similar problems.
All sorted out now and I'm a happy chappy :-)



Good idea.
Would you mind sharing your MD panel layout?
Open the editor, remove all layouts except yours and then use the export command. Close the dialog with CANCEL afterwards to revert all changes.
ZIP and attach the resulting file.

And maybe prepare a small sample image (can be all black) with metadata written by PM. I'll use that for my reference library and testing.


Hi Mario,
I'm happy to do that.

Open the editor, remove all layouts except yours and...

Please forgive my ignorance, but where can I find the "Editor"?



I meant the Metadata Panel Layout editor, sorry.
You have used it when you created your custom layout with the PM tags.


I managed to follow the instructions.
Attached is a zip-file containing the layout settings.
Let me know if that meets your requirements.


Attached is a sample picture where the keywords were added by PhotoMechanic 6+.
This picture hasn't been processed by iMatch, so, it should show all the fields as added/modified by PM6+.


Thanks, very kind.

The metadata in image reports for software Picasa 3.0. Did you process the file with Picasa?
I also see one Microsoft-specific XMP element: [XMP-microsoft] Date Acquired. Did you process the file with some Microsoft software?
The image is from 2008, so probably this is hard to recall.

I see a PM-specific color class entry (set to none). When I recall correctly, PM does not use the standardized XMP label tag, but their own schema?
Or, does it also write an XMP label (which would show in IMatch and other software) when you set a color class?

If you still have PM, can you add a rating and label (color class) to an image? It would be useful to know how it stores this in the metadata, to maybe give other PM users tips to how to migrate this data from proprietary tags into the standardized XMP tags.

I have found this information page on the Camera Bits web site: https://docs.camerabits.com/support/solutions/articles/48001174616-metadata-iptc-template-map, which may be interesting to you.


Hi Mario,

Yes, it was an old picture. I was in the middel of processing this batch of pictures when I read about your request. I thought the picture was in a "virgin"-state but that doesn't seem the case.
Anyway, I now found another batch of picture of which I'm sure none of them has been processed before.
So, I opened up one of the picture in PM6+ and completed the IPTC-template. I also added a colour and star rating to it.
This should show you all information after it's gone through PM6+ only.
The file was too big to attach (The original is 6.3 MB), so, I processed it through File-Minimizer to be able to upload it. The metadata should be unaffected.
Thanks for the link but I already found that one during the many hours of research.


This image has no metadata at all, sorry.
You can send the original file to my support email, see support email address.


@LRAT: Be aware that the Forum software usually strips out all metadata. You need to zip images before you post them to guarantee they'll have all metadata. 


Correct. But in this instance I guess the " File-Minimizer " software used was the culprit.