Author Topic: Improvements in workprocess (UI) for tagging AND linking persons  (Read 99 times)


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Hello Mario,

as already described here (, a window with additional functions would be a great extension for a faster work process when tagging or linking people.

The window already exists, in the first tab I can draw a rectangle over a person with the smiley icon, then assign it directly. In the second tab I can use the defined favorite persons.

These are already two really great features to tag people who look with their face to the camera or can be seen from the side.

The feature I would like to see here would be another tab in this window to tag a person who can be seen from behind as a "person link". This would be a kind of all-in-one window for tagging and linking people. In my opinion, this would also save a lot of time when tagging and linking people.

Many greetings and thanks for your work you've done