HDR Displays and Image Processing

Started by jch2103, October 20, 2023, 11:24:18 PM

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Higher dynamic range displays are slowly becoming more common for computers (and are already more common for TVs). The HDR technology has benefits for still photographers as well as videographers, and tools are emerging to take advantage of this. 

This link https://gregbenzphotography.com/hdr-images/lightroom-adds-hdr-edit-and-export/ has information about HDR processing that Adobe has just added to Lightroom and other products. Very interesting, although still premature for those of us with 'old' SDR monitors (in my case, less than a year old...). 


This harkens back to the discussion between monitors we had over a decade ago... calibrated vs uncalibrated monitors and how your image looks to another user.  If we use a calibrated monitor to color correct an image and make it look good on a calibrated monitor - how will that same image look on an uncalibrated monitor which the vast majority of users are using?  

Same with those folks with monitors that can see colors outside the normal monitor range or those processing ARGB instead of SRGB....  I wonder how HDR processing will affect those without HDR monitors?

I noticed differences between my own 2 monitors... what may look dull on one is too bright on the other!