Culling on Android Tablet

Started by Stefanjan, June 24, 2022, 04:40:48 PM

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I have been trying to come up with a workflow for dealing with photos while I am on an extended trip. Would be interested in others solutions.

My thinking:

1. Nightly backup of camera SD card to external stick / HDD using one touch on my Ravpower Filehub

2. Review photos on Samsung S5E Android tablet via OTG cable and card reader

3. Mark all keepers with 1 star

4. On return load all photos into iMatch and delete files with no stars.

I would welcome any recommendations on workflow and software to review RAW files on Android? I mainly want to use for culling but occasionally might want to edit to share on social media. So far I've been trialling Photomate 3 and it seems to do a decent job.


I'd appreciate any advice on methodology and applications for reviewing RAW files on Android.

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