Running iMatch and/or iMatch Anywhere on Synology NAS

Started by pwkelly, March 24, 2022, 09:38:05 PM

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I'm an old version iMatch user (i.e. I'm not up-to-date).  I'm about to re-organize my photo collection and get up-to-date on iMatch using a Synology NAS and was wondering if anyone had tried to run iMatch and/or iMatch Anywhere in a VM on a Synology NAS like the 1621+.

I was going to run iMatch directly in a VM on the NAS, so that it can be available to various machines/clients that need to view the photos/videos in my collection--including Windows Laptop, Windows Desktop, Mac desktop, iPhones, and potentially also server the photos via Plex to Plex clients (including all of the above and devices like Apple TV and other Smart TVs).

Thank you in advance for your experience/advice.


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Yes, iMatch Anywhere potentially too.  I want to run that in a Windows VM that is running ON the Synology.  This way I don't have to have a dedicated Windows machine running 24/7, since I'll have the Synology on a UPS and it will be running anyway.

I'll also likely have both the photos/videos AND my db files on the Synology, and my main editing station will be connected via either 2.5Gb or 10Gb Ethernet direct (no switch in between).

I'd use the Anywhere primarily to serve the other machines in the house (Windows Laptop, Mac Laptop and Linux Laptop, as well as the iPhones, Android Tablets, iPads and potentially Smart TVs and streaming devices (like Chromecast and Apple TV (if I can figure out how to use these with iMatch Anywhere).



Hi pwkelly,

I store my images on a Synology Diskstation 415+ and copied my 10 GB IMatch database (180.000 images, 100.000+ keywords, lots of metadata) to the same location to test your idea. It worked when I started IMatch on my PC and loaded the database stored on the diskstation, but unbearably slow (via WLAN).

Using IMatch Anywhere would be the better solution.