Automation with IMatch is a time-saver

Started by sinus, December 07, 2021, 12:21:44 PM

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The (new) Automation-possibility inside the Favorites are really interesting.

I have to explore them more and check, what I could use for my workflow.
But Actions in combinations with Keyboard shortcuts gives quite some possibilities.

As an example see my attachement.
I select some images and click then on the Automation-button.
And voila, in a second or so the selected files are in a new (Result)-Window.

Of course I could do this with the real keys (Ctrl G, R), but you have always to remember these and I think, we can even combine more automations-steps.
But I have to explore them, as written.

For example, I added a Pause from 300ms after changing the Windows.
This is only to be sure, because I know this from my Corsair-keyboard, sometimes the system uses a bit time to do a task, otherwise sometimes it fails, depending on how stressed the system is at this time.

But here I am not sure, if I have the time, I will check this, maybe it is not even necessary.

And btw, if I do not add "Activate Windows", I had no success, the steps worked not really, hence do not forget to add them, like it is mentioned in the help-file.  ;)

With this "tip" here I just want to draw your attention to this relatively new automation possibility of IMatch, I could imagine that I will create some more automation there.
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


-- Mario
IMatch Developer
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