IMatch webviewer can be found on home network

Started by mastodon, February 07, 2022, 08:28:01 PM

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It is definitely a user error. I had used IMatch Anywhere for years, worked great. But I did not use it last year.
Now I updated it, and using the upmost IMatch, too. It is really super easy to configure. I can use the IMatch WebViewer on the PC, that is the server, but not on any other PC-s (win11) or android devices on the local network. I get: ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT
What can be wrong?


Do you use the computer name (of the PC running IMWS) to connect or IP address?
If you use the computer name, does the IP address work?

See and there "My browser cannot connect to IMatch WebServices"

Timeout can mean many things, most likely your devices cannot connect. Maybe the firewall on the PC running IMWS does not allow incoming connections?
IMWS creates an incoming firewall rule when it installs, but maybe a Windows update or something has disabled the rule and thus IMWS cannot longer accept connections from other computers?
Open the Windows firewall and search for the IMatch Anywhere rules and make sure they are still enabled.