Full screen view in thumbnail browser window

Started by Rolf Beckers, May 01, 2022, 05:52:22 PM

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Rolf Beckers

Hello all,
I am new to IMatch 2021 and have a question about the picture view.
Can I display a single image in the browser?
I don't mean the view in the viewer (F12) but where the thumbnail images are?
Or alternatively the folders in the viewer so that I can move the files if necessary.
Thank you and have a nice day


I'm not sure that I understand exactly what you are trying to do...

Each View in IMatch has a File Window where you can see the files in the currently selected object (folder, category, event, ...).
Is this what you mean with "browser" or "picture view"?

The File Window is for displaying thumbnails with more or less additional information.
The The Quick View Panel shows an enlarged view of the file currently focused in the active File Window.
Is this what you are looking for?

And you can switch the File Window to the Gallery Layout to concentrate on the images, showing many or just one image in the File Window.

Rolf Beckers

Thank you for your quick reply and I apologise for my late response.

Unfortunately, what I am looking for does not seem to exist in IMatch.

IMatch is fantastic, has so many possibilities that I still need to get to know.

What I am looking for is a full screen display in the browser window.
Where the thumbnail images are displayed.
Unfortunately there seems to be only the viewer (F12), or the quick view in the right window (panel).
The full view in the browser window would be nice, then I could judge the pictures better and what is important, move the pictures, depending on the rating.
This is not possible in the viewer (F12) because the panel for the folders is missing.

I will work with the quick view.

Many greetings


Keep in mind that you can change the layout of the screen: which panels are displayed, where and how large.

I made up a sample - attached.

Mind you: it is not very quick/convenient to change the workspace (View->Workspace)


You can also undock the Quick View panel (double click on the caption bar), making it its own window. Resize it to whatever size you want.
Win 10 / 64, IMatch 2018, IMA


You can enlarge the Quick View panel to any size you want. You can move it to a second monitor and make it full-screen.
If you have only one monitor, you can make it so large that only one or two rows of thumbnails are visible in the File Window (see Ubachers's example above or mine blow).
I think IMatch does what you want, you just need to position and resize the panel (see Panels in the help for more information).

Quick View Panel enlarged and docked under the File Window. Access to folders and metadata:

Or, maybe switch the File Window to the Gallery Layout?

Rolf Beckers

Thank you very much for the great help.
I can see there are so many possibilities.
I will try out a few more, but it will probably be the quick view.
I can live with that.
Thanks again !  :)