How-to export images without embedded thumbnails (batch proccesor)?

Started by anmue, October 27, 2013, 05:41:23 AM

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I played a little bit with the batch processor to figure out how I can remove metadata from an image. This was quite simple, but one thing I didn't find:

How do I export an image without an embedded thumbnail? I tried some custom exiftools commands like -ThumbnailImage= or -all=. But if I look at the exported image with exifcleaner then it still shows an embedded image.

The original image is a .nef and the result image is .jpg.

Has someone a clue?

Regards Andreas.


The batch processor does not explicitly create a thumbnail.
Do you copy the EXIF data?
What is ExifCleaner? Is this reliable? Does ExifTool show a thumbnail as well?
-- Mario
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You may read this on the Exiftool forum :

When I look at the Exif in my JPGs  with exiftoolGUI i find them (well a description) in the IDF1 sub-section (ThumbnailLength, ThumbnailOffset...). This is for  JPGs directly produced in camera (Fuji F30). And I can extract it with exiftool.

In JPGs produced from NEF with ASP I cannot extract the thumb (produces an empty file) and there is no IDF1 sub-section in the exif.

Are you sure you have thumbs in these JPGs? Many viewers seem to be able to produce them on the fly from the JPG.


PS Also interesting reading, this discussion in the ExiftoolGUI sub-forum:

And another one: (yes I'll stop here..) :

PPS Because I was intrigued I made some more tests:

I converted the same NEF (D7000) with Nikon's free ViewXn2 ==> the JPG has a thumbnail
                                                       with Corel ASP                  ==> the JPG has no thumbnail
                                                        with DxO 9                       ==> the JPG has a thumbnail

So it depends on how you generate your JPGs...


Hi Mario,

I checked the JPG generated by the batch processor again and tried to extract the thumbnail with ExifTools. You are right (of cause) there is no thumbnail image in the generated JPG.

I rarely use ExifCleaner as a tool to remove Exif tags and the embedded thumbnails from images. This morning I got a little bit fooled by this tool, since it showed the original image under a misleading headline.

So, everything is fine with the batch processor. At least in this case.

Regards Andreas.

@cytochrome: Thanks for pointing me to these interesting articles. In my case IMatch generated the JPGs.