Moving Google Photos to Desktop and Imatch

Started by Wow, January 01, 2022, 06:19:36 AM

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I want to download all my Google Photos (and then stop using it) onto my windows desktop and:
1. Catalog them with Imatch
2. Sync them with iCloud (on a Windows PC, I use iPhone for mobile). There will always be a local Windows copy.

I did some Google searching and found all sorts of complicated instructions for maintaining metadata when moving away from Google Photos. However I am assuming that's an old issue, because when doing a test with about 20 photos from Google Photos, all the metadata shows up in IMatch and the GPS location data shows up in iCloud.

Is this everyone elses experience as well? I want to make sure before I spend the time downloading hundreds of GB of photos and reuploading them to iCloud, as I am in a rural area and do not have a fast connection.