Author Topic: "Category names must be unique among the child categories of a parent"  (Read 235 times)


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A read of this post hopefully clarifies why I'd like to have the Metadata Mechanic App extended.  To allow operation on IMatch Categories, as well as file metadata. 

But to reiterate (even though my original post - asking a question - makes things more clear): 
I have some Keyword/Category parents, along with their children.  I've decided I want to consolidate by moving the child categories under one parent to be under another parent, already with its own children (sometimes, with the same names as some of the new children that would be inherited). 
What happens in this case is that the there results two children ("Name" and "Name 1"), instead of a merger of the two same-named children into just one ("Name"), with the files of both original categories added together into this new category. 

In the case of keywords, I can use MD Mechanic to rename a parent category to solve the problem.  But I can't do so with regular categories, which I'd therefore like the scope of its functionality extended, so that I can. 
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