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where to find certain post/blogs/comments?


via Google I found an interesting post about the XMP field "Label" on your website.
Unfortunately the adress doesnt give any hint under which of the site menus it can be found. And I assume there are more interesting posts. ;)

The article says:

--- Quote ---To configure XMP labels, open Edit > Preferences > Metadata. IMatch by default ships with a mix of labels which cover the most frequently used applications.
--- End quote ---

After opening this dialog via the Edit menu > Preferences and clicking on the Metadata tab, press <F1> to open the corresponding topic in the IMatch Help System.

You can also just directly search the IMatch Help System for the term label or XMP label.
The 3rd search result is Configuring - Metadata Options.

no need to know where to find it in imatch, just wanted to know where on the website I can find more articles like this. ;)

Start with (linked to from several places on my web site, including the front page, the support page, the IMatch product page, ...)

Also, there is a FAQ section here in the community:

Since bringing the IMatch help system online, I don't see the need to add additional topics to the knowledge base. It's better to add these things to the help.


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