Mark file as pending write-back - helpful comment in dialogue seems mismatched

Started by PandDLong, October 12, 2021, 09:28:55 PM

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For this setting in the Metadata 2 preferences dialogue the helpful comment at the bottom "If this option is on (default: off), iMatch marks files as pending for write-back if XMP date/time fields are filled during import from file system timestamps."

The help system states the default is 'on' and that approach matches the recommendation in the most recent release notes.



I have recently changed this to on because so many users complained about IMatch "overwriting their timestamps". Even when the reason was that IMatch had to fall back to "last modified on disk" since their files did not contain any usable metadata. By making a file pending when ExifTool has to fill these tags from a fallback makes sure that the XMP timestamps are saved and this they no longer change when the user processes the file elsewhere.
I shall update the dialog resource accordingly for a upcoming version.
-- Mario
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