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Started by Maike13, August 20, 2021, 06:15:47 PM

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I'm trying out the trial version of iPhoto and have been pretty impressed so far.  However I have one problem with viewing photos.  If I view them in the Slide Show the images are either too large [Scale to fill screen (allow grow)] or too small [Fit to screen or Scale to fill screen].  There doesn't seem to be a way of zooming them to the size I want.  So the Viewer solves this, as I can zoom in or out to a size I like but, unlike in the slide show, I don't seem to be able to change the background colour (I like to view my photos against a neutral mid-grey background).  Any suggestions?



iPhoto is a software product from Apple, I believe. Do you mean IMatch?

The IMatch slide show supports only these two modes. The fill screen mode is used by most users, because it optimally fits the typical use for a slide show feature: unattended image viewing.

The Viewer is for doing work and offers a ton of features, including manual zoom via <Alt>+mouse move etc.
For optimal performance, the Viewer uses Direct2D to utilize the power of your graphic card for super-fast viewing and zooming.

You cannot change the background color of the Viewer, it is always neutral black.
As far as I can tell, this was never requested, so I doubt that many users will ever need that.
Using a neutral-gray surrounding is something I would probably use when doing sensitive color-grading, e.g. in Photoshop or a video editor.
For the purpose of the IMatch Viewer (viewing, culling, rating, annotation work) this would probably rather disturbing.

Feel free to add a feature request in the appropriate board, something like "I want to be able to control the background color in the Viewer" .
This allows other users to comment and +1 your request and me to see if there is demand for such a change.
If the background color changes to a mid gray I can envision visibility issues with some of the overlays, e.g. the collection overlay or the histogram overlay, which may require additional changes.

Note that you can open your files quickly in other applications using Ctrl+Enter or Alt+Enter or drag and drop.
If you have a specialized Viewer or editor for color work that supports neutral-gray backgrounds, this would be a way to achieve this.
See Opening Files in Other Applications in the IMatch help for full info.
-- Mario
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Thanks Mario.  I did indeed mean iMatch not iPhoto.  And actually I made another mistake in that I like to use a light grey background (#CCCCCC) not a mid grey.  The reason I like to use this is that a website where I post photos a lot uses a light grey background, so I want to see what my photos look like against that.  I find a black background provides too much contrast in most cases, making colours appear brighter than they do against the light grey background.

I'll try the feature request.


I have added this for the next IMatch release. I was working on the Viewer anyways, and this was quick to do.

See Release note #1502 at
-- Mario
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Thank you for this enhancement Mario.

I've added a quick thank you note also to @Maike13's Feature Request.