Pinboard app: allow display in orderly fashion

Started by ubacher, June 20, 2021, 07:54:01 PM

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The pinboard app was/is a demonstration of what can be done with
web technology based programming. As it is it is not very useful.
It could however be quite an enhancement to current functionality of Imatch if
it could be set to display images in an orderly "normal" way - left to right, top to bottom.
With that setting it would allow us to display a set of files in a separate window.
The functionality, which is quite similar to the one of the clipboard, is of secondary


QuoteWith that setting it would allow us to display a set of files in a separate window.

That's what Result windows are for. I have no plans to extend the clipboard app. This is one of the apps on my retire list.
I keep an eye on which apps are used via Telemetry, and apps not used are removed from IMatch over time.
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I am talking about a separate window - maybe on a second monitor - which shows a set of files.

I can imagine that the pinboard is little used - with (I assume) a little work it would be highly useful. (IMHO)


Hmmm ... ubacher
a quite good idea.

I used the pinboard in the past ... but then I lost it a bit "out of my eyes".

Then I used the IMatch clipboard, with also some problems to use it regularly.
I think, if we could use both apps and join them to one, that would be cool  :)

But thanks, you brought me again to this pinboard - app, I will have a look, if it could replace the Clipboard app.
Because work with the clipboard app with say over 50 images is for me a pain, hence not useful. (

And yes, to see images on a second monitor I like also a lot, give some kind of liberty  ;D

Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)