Author Topic: Option to Assign a face without Confirming, and a change to behavior of Rejected  (Read 26 times)


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I would like to request the following two changes for the "management of faces" is a change to the existing Reject functionality, and the other a request to add "another type of face":

  • Change to the functionality of Rejected Faces
    As discussed in this post:

    ...having Rejected Faces for a person can actually reduce the recognition rate for that person.  As mentioned there:

    So my conclusion is:
    the rejected person can have a big impact on face recognition (usually you reject similar looking faces since those are suggested by AI). Maybe the "Rejected Faces" influence is also too strong at the moment...

    For now I will try to avoid rejecting people and see how the detection now behaves in future...
    If you have problems with hitrate of some persons it is worth having a look on the rejected faces of this person!

    ...since the AI originally found that the Rejected Face does bear a (mathematical) resemblance to the Person, having that Rejected Face then participate in the recognition operation for other faces (and possibly prevent those other faces from being suggested for the person), could cause the person's "real face" to also be "excluded".

    I had that experience early on in IMatch 2020 with my wife and daughter...after a while they were almost "never" recognized as themselves.  As suggested in the above post, I stopped Rejecting faces, and actually removed all Rejected Faces from all Persons.  After doing that, the recognition rate for my wife and daughter is now almost 100%...(they do resemble each other, but the AI still suggests the right face for them almost all the time).

    But this has also caused UnConfirmed Faces to "pile up" for each Person.

    So I would like to request that the Rejecting of a face do nothing more than prevent just that one specific Face from that specific file, from continuing to be suggested as an Unconfirmed Face for the Person...(and to not have the Rejected Face participate in, or contribute to, the recognition operation for other Faces for that Person).  This of course means that in some cases we'll need to Reject a lot more faces individually, but that is easy to do now with Face Manager.

    This would allow the UnConfirmed Faces that I now have "piling up" for each person, to be "moved to Rejected", without impacting the person's recognition rate
  • Option to Assign a face to a Person without Confirming
    I have created a Category called "Ask for Faces" within which are categories called "Ask Mom", "Ask Dad", "Ask <my wife>", etc.  As I run accross faces that I'll need help with, I add that file to the appropriate category. 

    As I'm working on old family photos, in some cases I know that the person the AI has suggested is not correct, but I myself am not sure who that face actually is.  However, I would like to be able to assign a different person to the Annotation (and have that assignment "stick"), without actually Confirming the assignment. 

    This way when I consult the people that I think will be able to help with the identification, I won't have to try and explain that it wasn't really me suggesting the existing assignments (which can sometimes be a little humorous - to me anyway).  I have already had to say to my mother-in-law a few times "remember, if the name has a brown background, that's just a guess by the computer"...

Thank you for considering these requests.  I imagine that the second one might possibly be too much work for not a lot of benefit...but I would really like to have the first.