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Started by cg, August 19, 2021, 06:09:07 PM

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Currently I'm working with over 100,000 diverse photos, only some at this point I've run through the face scanning. There are 955 assigned to Unknown Persons. For me, the Face Manager workflow is very fast, while managing faces in the Viewer is slower (though MUCH faster now thanks to using Ins to draw a face box).

Is there a way to view the Unknown Persons in the Face Manager or a Face Manager-type window that lines just the faces up and they can be shift-selected and assigned, deleted, ignored, etc.?

I'm able to sort through hundreds of faces when I'm Confirming faces (the Edit feature in the Face Manager is a REAL time saver). But it's a much longer process to go image by image and fix each person annotation with a ? under them (even using keyboard shortcuts). It seems like the same Face Manager interface for Unknown Persons would save a LOT of time.

If anyone has any suggestions for speeding up face assignment workflow, I'd love to hear them.

Thank you!


Bumping this back up, as I think this might still be a useful feature.

I still run into the same workflow problem. For instance, if I import hundreds of photos taken in crowds, there will invariably be many Unassigned Faces with a ? assigned to random people, which is fine.

However, to clean those up, either deleting unwanted faces or assigning wanted faces to their proper person, I have to go through file by file, selecting the unwanted annotations to delete them, and selecting single annotations to select the single person for that annotation. This can get a little time consuming.

Currently, in the Face Manager window, I can look at a grid of many faces, select several and assign them to the a different person, or delete them entirely, across many many files.

In other words, a person-centric way of editing unassigned faces in bulk, rather than just file-centric. The Face Manager interface already has that functionality anyway.

It would seem like if there could be a special case "person" maybe at the bottom of the People list, or another option somewhere, that could bring up all of the Unassigned faces, all that work could be done in one window, in bulk, all at once, and save a lot of time.



There is no "unknown person" in IMatch. The People View just simulates that to have a node to display files with unknown persons. The Face Manager interfaces with actual persons in the database, and the entire graph logic that runs in the background.

Making the FM somehow work with a "simulated" unknown person to the FM is probably doable, but would be a substantial effort, from the FM app to the graph and entity management in IMatch.

The fact that your feature request is two years old and has only 2 likes and no comments shows me that there is no demand for this. Your environment and workflow may be pretty unique and I guess most IMatch users don't have to deal with many unknown persons...
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