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Title: New computer
Post by: imfan on June 04, 2019, 12:14:09 PM

I am planing on setting up a new computer.

So for many years now, I am using an SSD for my system and the iMatch Database, keeping all my images on an fast HDD.
Manytimes I do searches on similar images. My iMatch DB is around 4 GB large, but it will grow.
Regarding the CPU, I am planing of buying an Intel i9 9900K (8 cores, 3,6 GHz).
Mario or someone else, can you give me please some background info on how iMatch workes best, relating to the speed of the CPU and the amount of RAM, e.g. more RAM over CPU speed or vs. ,  or faster RAM speed over CPU speed? I have noticed e.g if I do the internal "Run BackUp" and compression, iMatch uses almost all the RAM I have - which is nice I guess.
Sorry, I have no idea what to buy .......

Thanks for any feedback in advance !
Title: Re: New computer
Post by: Mario on June 04, 2019, 12:32:38 PM
This puzzles me.

The backup is just a file copy and ZIP and the database optimize is a in-database operation that is fully I/O bound. Maybe the database system uses the RAM but I doubt it.
The only feature in IMatch which uses a lot of memory is the Viewer. IMatch here tries to utilize up to 80% of the available RAM for the preload but that also depends on the graphic card.

IMatch uses a lot of memory caches but all combined its only a few hundred megabytes, tops.
The memory footprint of a 450,000 files database is usually less than 1 GB RAM. Including all in-memory caches etc.